How to Refuel Your Glider in Pubg

Refuel Your Glider

The glider is a game-changing feature to PUBG Mobile that enables players to fly and strategically place themselves on the battlefield. Understanding how to properly refuel your glider and use glider fuel is crucial to mastering the sport of gliding. You’ll receive in-depth advice on managing glider fuel in this manual.

Getting to Know Glider Fuel:

Fuel Gauge: When you are inside the glider, the fuel gauge is often at the bottom of your screen. This gauge shows how much petrol is still in your tank.

Limited Fuel: The fuel that gliders have is limited, therefore using it carefully is essential to getting the most out of your trip.

How to Refuel Your Glider:

In order to refuel your glider during a game, do the following:

Finding a Safe Landing Spot: Find a safe landing area where you can land your glider. This should ideally be a rooftop or an elevated area.

Gather gasoline: After landing, look for gasoline cans. These resemble tiny red canisters and are filled with glider gasoline. Approach the canister and press the “Pick Up” button to take fuel.

Refueling: It will automatically replenish your glider when you have collected the fuel canister. The rise in gasoline levels will be shown on the fuel gauge.

Tips for Glider Fuel Management:

Take into account the following advice to get the most out of your glider and guarantee effective fuel management:

Plan Your Flights: Have a flying plan in mind before to takeoff. Choose the most fuel-efficient path to get where you’re going.

Keep it High: Gliding at higher altitudes uses less fuel. With the same quantity of gasoline, you can travel farther while you’re up in the air.

Glide Down: When descending, take advantage of gravity. When possible, glide down rather than using fuel.

Avoid Wasting Fuel: Avoid wasting fuel by avoiding accelerating too quickly or changing directions suddenly. Fuel is saved by smooth, controlled gliding.

Locate Refueling Stations: While flying, look out for fuel containers on structures such as platforms, rooftops, and buildings. These can serve as useful refueling points for your flight.

Emergency Landings: If you’re out of petrol and don’t think you can make it to your goal, think about landing at the closest fuel station.

Scout and Survey: The glider is a great instrument for doing reconnaissance. Use it to scout the battlefield, find opponent positions, and tactically plan your next steps.


In PUBG Mobile, mastering glider fuel management can give players a tactical advantage. You’ll become a fierce pilot on the battlefield if you know how to refuel your glider and use effective fuel management strategies. Plan your flights, gather fuel in a strategic manner, and fly high in a glider.

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