Where is Benny's on the GTA mapBenny's is not initially visible on the map and can be a bit challenging to find, but it's located in Los Santos. Here's a detailed explanation...

In Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), Benny’s Original Motor Works is a popular custom vehicle shop known for its vehicle modifications, particularly lowrider enhancements. Benny’s is not initially visible on the map and can be a bit challenging to find, but it’s located in Los Santos. Here’s a detailed explanation of how to locate Benny’s in GTA V:


Benny’s Original Motor Works is located in the Strawberry neighborhood of Los Santos. Specifically, it can be found on Strawberry Avenue.

Directions to Benny’s:

  1. Get to Los Santos: Ensure you are in Los Santos, the main city in GTA V. If you’re not there, you’ll need to drive or teleport to Los Santos.
  1. Head to Strawberry: Once you’re in Los Santos, you need to make your way to the Strawberry neighborhood. Strawberry is in the south-central part of the city.
  1. Look for Strawberry Avenue: Navigate to Strawberry Avenue. You can use your in-game map or GPS to help you find it.
  1. Locate Benny’s: Benny’s is situated on the corner of Strawberry Avenue and Integrity Way. It’s in a distinctive-looking, auto-body-shop-style building with neon lights and a “Benny’s Original Motor Works” sign above the entrance.
  1. Parking: When you arrive at Benny’s, you can park your to vehicle outside and enter the shop to access its customization ┬áthe services.

Benny’s is known for its unique vehicle modifications, and it’s a popular spot for players looking to customize their lowriders and other select vehicles. Keep in mind that not all vehicles are customizable at Benny’s, so you’ll need to check if your specific vehicle is eligible for modifications there. Additionally, the availability of features and services at Benny’s might vary depending on the version of the game .

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