How to use the Chernobog GTA 5 PS4Before you can use the Chernobog, you need to obtain it. The Chernobog can be purchased through Warstock Cache & Carry, one of the in-game...

In Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5), the Chernobog is a mobile ballistic missile launcher truck featured in the game. To use the Chernobog on the PlayStation 4 (PS4), follow these steps:

  1. Acquire the Chernobog: Before you can use the Chernobog, you need to obtain it. The Chernobog can be purchased through Warstock Cache & Carry, one of the in-game websites. It’s a military vehicle, so it’s quite expensive.
  1. Access the Interaction Menu: To use the Chernobog, approach the vehicle and press the “Triangle” button to enter it. Once inside, access the Interaction Menu by holding down the “Touchpad” button on the PS4 controller.
  1. Choose Weapon Access: Navigate to the “Vehicles” section within the Interaction Menu. From there, select “Vehicle Remote Functions.”
  1. Activate the Missile System: In the “Vehicle Remote Functions” menu, you’ll find the option to activate Chernobog’s missile system. Select this option to power up the missile launcher.
  1. Aim and Fire: With the missile system activated, you can aim the missile launcher by using the right analog stick on your controller. The Chernobog has multiple missile launchers, so you can select your desired target by aiming in that direction.
  1. Fire Missiles: To fire the missile, press the “R1” button on your controller. The Chernobog can fire multiple missiles in quick succession. Keep in mind that there’s a cooldown period between missile salvos.
  1. Operate the Chernobog: You can drive the Chernobog like any other vehicle in GTA 5. Use the left analog stick to control its movement and the right analog stick to steer.
  1. Exit the Vehicle: To exit the Chernobog, press the “Triangle” button again.

The Chernobog is a formidable weapon in GTA 5, capable of launching powerful ballistic missiles. It’s especially effective in causing destruction and taking down vehicles, making it a valuable asset in various in-game activities and missions.

Keep in mind that using the Chernobog, like other military vehicles in the game, may attract attention from law enforcement and other players, so use it strategically and be prepared to face in-game consequences for your actions.

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