Complete Guide of GTA Vice City 87 Missions & Stories 2023In this article, we will delve into the subject of GTA Vice City missions. We will discuss the abundance of missions available, as well as strategies...


In this article, we will delve into the subject of GTA Vice City missions. We will discuss the abundance of missions available, as well as strategies for easily overcoming them. This information will prove invaluable for those who have encountered challenges while attempting to complete missions. If you’ve been struggling despite numerous attempts, this article holds the key to your success.

To begin with, GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto, and in this case, we’re focusing on GTA Vice City. The missions in GTA Vice City are intricately woven stories that drive the gameplay. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the narratives behind these missions as it significantly aids in your comprehension and successful completion of each objective. With a complete Guide of GTA Vice City 87 Missions and 59 stories, the landscape is rich and diverse.

Initial Missions

1. Mission In The Beginning & An Old Friend & The Party

Mission In The Beginning & An Old Friend & The Party

The initial mission revolves around a drug deal that unfortunately falls through due to unforeseen circumstances. As a consequence of this botched deal, Tommy, our protagonist, faces a dire ultimatum from his boss: return the money at all costs, or face the gravest consequences. Understandably distressed by this precarious situation, Tommy seeks the counsel of his lawyer, Ken.

Ken proposes a potential solution to Tommy’s predicament—meeting with a person named Latair Karnar. Karnar possesses the means to help Tommy secure the necessary funds, but it comes with a condition: Tommy must render his services to Karnar. The first task assigned by Karnar involves transporting his daughters to a club. With determination in his heart, Tommy takes on this challenge, ensuring the safe delivery of the girls and successfully accomplishing his inaugural mission for Karnar.

Step by Step Guide 1st Mission GTA: 

  1. The first mission will commence from Ken House. Your destination is Ocean View. You have the option to take a leisurely stroll to Ocean View or select a vehicle of your choice. Typically, you’ll find mostly motorbikes on the left side of Ken House, although occasionally there might be a white car available.
  2. If you’re a PC gamer familiar with GTA Vice City, press the F key to enter a car or start riding a bike. Once you start driving the car, you’ll notice a message on the upper left side that reads “Follow The Pink Blip to locate the hotel.” This means that after finding Ocean View, you need to reach the Pink Blip area. Upon reaching it, you’ll proceed.
  3. As soon as you touch the Pink Blip, your character will enter Ocean View. Your next task is to secure the Cassette Tape Pickup to save your progress. Once you touch it, your mission will be saved, allowing you to resume your mission later even after signing out of the PC.
  4. After conversing with the boss, make your way back to Ken House. Ken will suggest that you meet Latair Karnar. To aid you in this endeavor, he’ll provide you with funds to purchase new clothes and shoes to attend Karnar’s party.
  5. To locate Ken Laywer’s house, follow the “L” Blip on the radar, which is displayed on the right side of the GTA Vice City map.
  6. For T-Shirt shopping, track the T-Shirt Blip on the radar, leading you to Rafaels. Once you arrive, interact with the T-Shirt Blip, prompting Tommy to automatically change his outfit.
  7. Now, either steal or acquire a bike and head over to the Beach Party location named “Fire 2.” After enjoying the festivities and making introductions, Karnar’s daughter will be ready to accompany you, Tommy, to the Club.
  8. Your next task is to drop the Masadies to the Poe Satan Location, as indicated on the radar. Upon successfully dropping them off, your first mission will be considered complete.

A comprehensive account of the mission’s unfolding events is available in the video, where the narrative is meticulously detailed step by step.

GTA VICE CITY – Mission #1 | Walkthrough Gameplay in Urdu/Hindi (اردو/हिंदी)

2. Mission Back Alley Brawl & Jury Fury

After dropping Massadies off at Club Mission, the Back Alley Brawl mission commences from Ken Lawyer’s house. In this mission, Tommy confides in Ken about the proliferation of criminals in the city, making it exceedingly challenging to identify the cheater in GTA Vice City. Ken Laywer then suggests that Tommy meet Ken Paul at the Malibu Club, as he might possess information about the cheater due to his notable reputation.

Following Ken’s suggestion, Tommy proceeds to meet with Kent Paul. Upon arriving at the Malibu Club, Tommy encounters Kent Paul, who is engrossed in some playful interaction with a woman. Tommy confirms Paul’s identity and promptly confronts him, administering a swift slap that sends Paul tumbling to the ground. Seeking answers, Tommy queries Paul about the perpetrator behind the money theft. Paul opines that this is likely the handiwork of a gang rather than a solitary individual, emphasizing the orchestrated nature of the act. Tommy persists, inquiring how Paul has this knowledge.

Paul responds, “I’m not entirely informed, but I’ve gleaned some insights from a Chef.” Paul directs Tommy to meet the Chef at Ocean Drive. Arriving at the designated location, Tommy finds the Chef engrossed in a phone conversation. Tommy approaches, intending to inquire, but unexpectedly, the Chef launches an attack. Tommy skillfully defuses the situation, subduing the Chef without resorting to lethal force. A thorough search of the Chef’s belongings yields a cell phone. Upon dialing the first number stored, an individual promptly arrives.

Mission Back Alley Brawl & Jury Fury

Conversations ensue, revealing that the stranger seeks the same objective—Tommy’s money. As discussions unfold, the Chef’s allies make a sudden appearance, instigating a firefight against Tommy and his new found companion. Swift and precise action on Tommy’s part results in the elimination of the adversaries. With the threat quelled, Tommy and his ally head to Ammu-Nation to stock up on supplies. Following this, Tommy’s ally provides transportation back to Tommy’s club, promising further assistance aligned with their shared goals. This successful endeavor culminates in Tommy completing his second mission, and his earnings amount to $312 during this progression.

Step by Step Guide

  1. First, take a taxi located in front of Ken House. Press the ‘F’ key to enter the car. Once inside the taxi, follow the directions to the Ken Paul Club. You can locate the Malibu Club on the radar.
  2. Upon arriving at the destination, approach the pink blip to enter the Malibu Club. After the meeting there, you will be prepared to meet Chef. You can also find Chef’s location on the radar. Once you reach Chef, eliminate him and retrieve his phone at the pink blip.
  3. After obtaining the phone, an individual will approach. Protect them from Chef’s associates and eliminate them. Once all of Chef’s friends have been dealt with, the person you rescued will automatically find a car on the right side of the road.
  4. To proceed, simply press the ‘F’ key to enter the car and then proceed to purchase guns from Ammu-Nation. The suggested route can be seen on the right side of the radar.
  5. After acquiring the firearms, drop yourself off at the club. Completing this step will lead to the successful completion of the mission.

Get full story and Game Play of GTA Vice City – Mission Back Alley Brawl bellow Video 


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