How do you steal the Cargobob in GTA 5Stealing a Cargobob helicopter in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) can be a fun and challenging endeavor. The Cargobob is a valuable...

Stealing a Cargobob helicopter in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) can be a fun and challenging endeavor. The Cargobob is a valuable asset in the game, as it allows you to transport vehicles and objects across Los Santos. To steal a Cargobob, follow these steps:

  1. Know Where to Find It: Cargobobs are typically found in military installations. One of the most reliable places to locate a Cargobob is at the Fort Zancudo military base, located in the northern part of the map. This base is heavily guarded, and entering it will give you a wanted level, so be prepared for a tough challenge.
  2. Access Fort Zancudo: You can try one of these methods to access Fort Zancudo without getting caught by the military:

Use a Stolen Military Vehicle: Steal a military vehicle, such as a barracks or a rhino tank, and enter the base. The guards may not immediately attack you while in a military vehicle.

Use a Buzzard Helicopter: Another approach is to use a stolen or purchased Buzzard Attack Chopper, which can be found in various locations or purchased once you have enough money. The Buzzard’s weaponry can help you clear out enemies at the base.

  1. Steal the Cargobob: Once inside Fort Zancudo, locate the Cargobob helicopter. It’s often found on helipads or in hangars. Approach it, get in, and take off.
  2. Lose Your Wanted Level: After you’ve stolen the cargobob, you will have a wanted level. Fly away from Fort Zancudo, and make sure you evade any pursuing military aircraft and law enforcement. You can either outrun them or use various tricks to shake your wanted level, like finding a hiding spot or using Lester’s services to remove your wanted level.
  3. Store the Cargobob: Once your Wanted Level is gone, you can store the Cargobob in a personal hangar or helipad, making it a permanent part of your vehicle collection.

Stealing the Cargobob can be challenging due to the high security at Fort Zancudo, but it’s a rewarding endeavor if you want to have access to this versatile helicopter. Be prepared for a fierce fight, and ensure you have a plan for escaping the military base to successfully steal and retain the Cargobob in GTA 5.

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