How to get a Knockback 255 stick in MinecraftKnockback 255 Stick in Minecraft is an uncommon and engaging thing to have in your assortment. With it, you can send your...

In the realm of Minecraft, players are much of the time on the chase after special and strong things to upgrade their interactivity. One such thing is the subtle Knockback 255 Stick, known for its amazing knockback impact. In the event that you’ve been thinking about how to acquire this strong stick, you’ve come to the perfect locations. In this aide, we’ll show you a technique to get a Knockback 255 Stick in Minecraft.

What You’ll Need:

Prior to setting out on your excursion to procure a Knockback 255 Stick, ensure you have the accompanying:

Admittance to Innovative Mode: Tragically, obtaining a Knockback 255 Stick isn’t possible in Endurance Mode. You’ll have to change to Imaginative Mode to get to this strong thing.

Bit by bit Guide:

Step 1: Open Your Reality in Imaginative Mode

In the event that you’re not currently in Imaginative Mode, you can switch by opening your reality settings and changing your game mode to Inventive. This mode permits you to get to things that aren’t promptly accessible in Endurance Mode.

Step 2: Access the Order Control center

When you’re in Imaginative Mode, open the talk window. You can do this by squeezing ‘T’ on your console. In the talk, you’ll have the option to enter orders that award you different things.

Step 3: Enter the Order

In the visit, type the accompanying order:

/give [Your Minecraft Username] minecraft: stick{Enchantments:[{id: knockback,lvl:255}]} 1

Try to supplant “[Your Minecraft Username]” with your genuine in-game username. This order basically gives you one Stick thing with the Knockback charm level set to 255.

Step 4: Press Enter

In the wake of entering the order, press Enter to execute it. You’ll get the Knockback 255 Stick in your stock.

Step 5: Find the Knockback 255 Stick

Open your stock to find the recently procured Knockback 255 Stick. You can now prepare and involve it in your game.

Step 6: Partake in the Power

With your Knockback 255 Stick close by, you can partake in the limit knockback impact it gives. Use it to send hordes, creatures, or considerably different players flying with only one hit. It’s a tomfoolery and strong expansion to your Minecraft undertakings.


While securing the Knockback 255 Stick is a pleasant method for trying different things with Minecraft’s capacities, utilizing a strong thing can disturb typical interactivity. It’s generally expected most ideal for innovative and exploratory purposes.

In Endurance Mode, the most elevated level of the Knockback charm you can accomplish is Knockback II, which is altogether lower than 255. This makes the Knockback 255 Stick elite to Innovative Mode.

The Knockback 255 Stick in Minecraft is an uncommon and engaging thing to have in your assortment. With it, you can send your enemies taking off through the air, adding a remarkable curve to your Minecraft encounters. Simply make sure to utilize it dependably, and partake in the remarkable capacities it brings to your game.

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