How to change your License Plate in GTA without IfruitThe license plate on your virtual car in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is similar to your car's identity. It can be altered to give your cars a distinctive...

The license plate on your virtual car in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is similar to your car’s identity. It can be altered to give your cars a distinctive appearance or to add a personal touch. Although the official method for changing license plates in Grand Theft Auto is through the iFruit app, some gamers have other preferences. We’ll look at how to alter your license plate in Grand Theft Auto without utilizing iFruit in this post.

Options for Customization in-Game

Although there are less customization options available in-game in GTA than there are in the iFruit app, you may still personalize your license plates. Use these procedures to alter your license plate:

  1. Visit a Los Santos Customs Shop: In the game, you can drive your car to any Los Santos Customs (LSC) store. On the map, LSC stores are identified by a wrench icon.
  2. Click the Menu and choose “Plate”: Navigate through the customization options in the LSC shop until you come across “Plate.”
  3. Select a New Plate: LSC stores provide you with an assortment of pre-made license plates to pick from. Select the one you prefer.
  4. Verify the Change: After making your license plate selection, make sure it matches. Your car will receive the modifications.

Changing the Game Data

Altering license plates is an option for PC gamers that feel comfortable with game files. Please use caution, though, as changing game files can be dangerous and could interfere with your gameplay:

  1. Find Your Game Directory: On your PC, locate the directory where your Grand Theft Auto game is installed.
  2. Make a backup of your save files: To prevent unforeseen repercussions, make a backup of your save files before making any modifications.
  3. Edit the Vehicle’s Data File: Locate the data file for the vehicle you wish to modify by going to the “mods” folder inside the game directory. Software such as OpenIV can be used to view and modify these files.
  4. Modify the License Plate: Locate and update the license plate section in the vehicle’s data file to make it display the license plate you want. Take cautious not to corrupt the file or alter other settings.
  5. Save and Test: To check if the license plate has been modified, save your modifications and launch the game. You’ve successfully updated your license plate without using iFruit if everything is in order.

It should be emphasized that in many GTA Online situations, utilizing mods or changing game files may not be permitted and that doing so may result in fines or bans. Before using this strategy, make sure to read the terms of service for the game and understand the hazards involved.

It is possible to change your license plate in Grand Theft Auto without using iFruit, but doing so has some restrictions and could be dangerous, particularly if you decide to alter the game files. The official supported and advised technique is still to use the iFruit app for a wider variety of customization choices. You do, however, have more possibilities to edit your license plates and give your virtual cars a unique touch if you’d rather make changes in-game or feel comfortable doing modding.

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