How to lock items in Minecraft BedrockMinecraft Bedrock Release opens up a domain of innovative opportunities for players, however with that opportunity comes...

Minecraft Bedrock Release opens up a domain of innovative opportunities for players, however with that opportunity comes the test of getting your significant things. Whether you’re playing in a common world or simply need an additional layer of security, figuring out how to lock things is essential. In this aide, we’ll walk you through the moves toward protect your possessions in Minecraft Bedrock.

Grasping the Test

Minecraft Bedrock doesn’t have an underlying locking framework like a few different versions. Hence, players need to get imaginative in getting their things. Luckily, there are a few powerful techniques.

1. Use Chests and Ender Chests Admirably

Ender Chests: These are exceptional in light of the fact that their items are player-explicit. Anything you put in an Ender Chest is open simply by you, no matter what the world or server you’re on.

Confidential Chests: In the event that you’re in a world with reliable players, utilizing ordinary chests and obviously checking them as private can work. Notwithstanding, this strategy depends on the trustworthiness of individual players.

2. Redstone Contraptions for Secret Rooms

Secret Doors: Make stowed away doorways to your base or stockpiling region utilizing redstone. This adds a layer of mystery, and except if somebody knows the component, they won’t track down your reserve.

Combo Locks: Plan redstone mix locks to confine access. Players should include the right grouping to acquire passage.

3. Use Shulker Boxes for Convenientce

Shulker Box Security: Shulker Boxes are convenient chests that hold their items in any event, when broken. Use them to convey significant things and possibly unload them when vital.

Variety Code Framework: Variety code your Shulker Boxes to connote their significance or items. Along these lines, you can rapidly recognize which ones contain your most valuable things.

4. Order Blocks for Cutting edge Assurance

Order Block Locks: For players knowledgeable in orders, utilizing order blocks to confine admittance to specific regions is a high level however viable technique.

Player-Explicit Regions: With order blocks, you can set up player-explicit zones that just permit admittance to assigned people.


Without any an immediate thing securing highlight in Minecraft Bedrock, players have created shrewd ways of safeguarding their possessions. Pick the technique that suits your playstyle and the degree of safety you require. Whether you settle on secret rooms, shulker boxes, or order block wizardry, these procedures will assist you with guarding your things in the extensive universe of Minecraft Bedrock.

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