How to Restart GTA 5 online on PS5Restarting GTA 5 Online on a PlayStation 5 (PS5) is a straightforward process. Whether you want to refresh your game due to issues...

Restarting GTA 5 Online on a PlayStation 5 (PS5) is a straightforward process. Whether you want to refresh your game due to issues or simply start a new, here’s how to do it:

Close the game:

First, make sure you’re in GTA 5 Online.

On your PS5 controller, press the PlayStation button to return to the home screen.

Navigate to the GTA 5 icon on the PS5 home screen using the d-pad or thumbsticks.

Quit the Game:

With the GTA 5 icon highlighted, press the Options button (three horizontal lines on your controller).

A menu will appear. Choose “Close Game” or “Close Application” to completely exit GTA 5 Online.

Restart the Game:

After closing the game, return to the PS5 home screen.

Select the GTA 5 icon again and start the game as you normally would.

Your GTA 5 Online session will be restarted, and you’ll begin from the point where you last saved or joined a session.

If you’re looking to completely reset or start a new character in GTA 5 Online, here are additional steps:

Character Reset:

Launch GTA 5 Online on your PS5 and load your existing character.

Once in the game, press the Options button on your controller to open the in-game menu.

Go to the “Online” tab and select “Choose Character.”

From there, you can create a new character and start a fresh GTA 5 online experience. Please note that this will reset your progress, so be sure about this decision.

Remember that restarting GTA 5 Online or resetting your character will result in the loss of any in-game progress, assets, and items associated with your current character. Be sure to consider this before proceeding. Also, always ensure you have saved any important progress before taking any actions that might lead to a reset.

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