What are hangars for in GTA V?Hangars serve several important functions, making them a valuable asset in the game. Hangars are available for purchase in the GTA Online mode..

In Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), hangars serve several important functions, making them a valuable asset in the game. Hangars are available for purchase in the GTA Online mode, offering players a wide range of features and opportunities:

  1. Aircraft Storage: The primary purpose of hangars is to provide storage for various aircraft in GTA Online. You can use your hangar to store and access planes, helicopters, and other flying vehicles that you’ve acquired in the game.
  1. Customization and Modification: Hangars also offer customization and modification options for aircraft. You can upgrade your planes and helicopters by adding weapons, armor, liveries, and performance enhancements. Customizing aircraft can be crucial for completing missions, participating in air battles, or simply enhancing your in-game experience.
  1. Special Cargo: Hangars play a significant role in certain businesses and activities in GTA Online, particularly the Gunrunning and Smuggler’s Run businesses. These businesses involve sourcing, storing, and selling special cargo like weapons and contraband. Your hangar serves as a hub for managing these operations, including storing special cargo until you’re ready to sell it.
  1. Stealing and Storing Aircraft: Some missions or activities in GTA Online may require you to steal and store specific aircraft. Hangars provide a secure location for these vehicles, ensuring you don’t lose them while progressing through the game.
  1. Aircraft Respawn Point: Your hangar can serve as a respawn point for aircraft. If you own a hangar and you exit a flying vehicle, you can choose to respawn near your hangar, making it a convenient starting point for aerial adventures.
  1. Heist and Mission Support: Hangars can be useful for preparing and customizing aircraft before tackling heists, missions, and other in-game challenges that require aerial support.

Hangars in GTA V not only add a layer of realism to the game but also provide players with essential tools for air-based activities and businesses. The level of customization and functionality they offer makes them a vital asset for those looking to expand their in-game aviation interests or succeed in specific GTA Online businesses.

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