Proximity Chat in Pubg

Yes, Proximity chat is available which was no before. Proximity chat is a unique form of communication that enables users to interact without the need for text-based messaging. It functions by using sensors to identify when individuals are in close physical proximity to each other and then sends notifications to their devices. Proximity chat is particularly handy for communicating with those nearby, such as in classroom or meeting room settings.

In PUBG, Proximity Chat was introduced to elevate player interactions. This feature enables players to communicate with both allies and opponents who are in close proximity. When activated, it allows you to receive and transmit messages from nearby players, even if they aren’t part of your squad.

Benefits of Proximity Chat

The enhanced realism and immersion that proximity chat adds to the gaming experience show off its benefits. The ability to hear the voices of close foes or teammates can create a sense of urgency and excitement in severe battle situations, boosting the overall gaming immersion.

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