How to use Polymers Pubg

In the well-known battle royale game, PUBG, polymers are a crucial resource. They have a variety of applications that can give you a tactical edge on the battlefield. The following advice will help you get the most out of polymers:

  1. Making protective equipment

Armor and helmets made of polymers offer a higher level of defense against enemy gunfire. You can build more durable defensive gear to improve your chances of survival by gathering enough polymers and fusing them with other substances.

  1. Equipment Repair

In PUBG, gear such as vests and helmets deteriorate over time as a result of damage from explosions or gunfire. With polymers in hand, however, you may fix these items using a variety of workbenches spread out all over the area. To ensure that you can maintain your protective gear during the game, keep a look out for these repair facilities.

  1. Adding New Attachments

Upgrading weapon attachments like sights and longer magazines is another way to use polymers. These upgrades improve your gun’s functionality and raise its

  1. Using vending machines for trading

In several places in PUBG, there are vending machines where players can exchange extra polymer for useful weapons or health kits. During gameplay, these devices offer a singular opportunity for resource management and trade tactics.

Keep in mind that getting enough polymers may require robbing buildings or eliminating adversaries that drop them! So during your PUBG trip, keep a look out for opportunities to gather this important resource!

You can acquire an advantage over rivals and improve your chances of becoming the last person standing by learning how to employ polymers successfully

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