How to Become Pro Player with Pubg Mobile Button Setting in 2023Welcome, PUBG Pro players! This article is entirely dedicated to PUBG Mobile Button Settings in 2023. Here, you will discover the most..

Pubg Mobile Button Setting

Welcome, PUBG Pro players! This article is entirely dedicated to PUBG Mobile Button Settings in 2023. Here, you will discover the most effective method for positioning your fingers on your mobile device to play swiftly and triumph over any adversaries in the battleground. You’ll also find all the PUBG settings for various modes without wasting any time. It’s crucial to bear in mind that you should train your fingers in the training mode before participating in any matches. This practice will greatly enhance your gaming experience.

The settings for most modes remain consistent. If you make adjustments to the settings for one mode, these changes will automatically apply to other modes with similar configurations. Additionally, you have the option to copy settings from one mode to another. I’ve listed the settings below based on my personal experience, but feel free to modify them to suit your preferences.

There are three types of PUBG Mobile Button settings: 2 Fingers, 3 Fingers, and 4 Fingers. In this guide, we will provide step-by-step instructions for configuring Button settings for each of these finger setups, tailored to different gaming modes. Let’s get started…

Pubg Mobile Gaming Modes

  • Arcade Mode
  • Classic Mode
  • Arctic Mode
  • Rage Gear Mode
  • Payload Mode
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Infection Mode
  • War Mode
  • Metro Royale

You can play in different mode with one setting so you don’t need to do different settings for different modes in pubg. Finding the ideal control settings for your games comes after you have a solid understanding of the fundamental buttons. The choice ultimately comes down to your tastes and level of experience because each one caters to a distinct play style.  So lets start…

2 Fingers Control:

Configuring the Two-Finger Claw Controls

This configuration is ideal for new users. It requires you to move, aim, and shoot with your thumbs. It is easy to use and clear. While many players use intricate multi-finger control settings for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile’s furious battle royale gameplay, it’s totally possible to succeed with a 2-finger claw configuration. We’ll walk you through the ideal configurations and tactics for using 2-finger claw controls to achieve the best performance in PUBG Mobile in this in-depth guide.

Configuring the Two-Finger Claw Controls:

Navigate to the settings section of PUBG Mobile by opening it.

Choose “2-Finger Claw” under “Controls” in the menu.

By dragging and dropping buttons to the locations you choose, you can alter your layout. ‘Fire,’ ‘Aim,’ ‘Crouch,’ ‘Jump,’ and ‘Reload’ buttons can be rearranged to improve comfort and reach.

Basic Movements:

To move your character, use the virtual joystick on the left side of the screen.

You may aim your weapon while looking around thanks to the ‘Aim’ button on the right side.

The ‘Fire’ button is used to shoot, and pressing it will activate the power of your weapon.

Grenades and Equipment:

Use the backpack symbol on the right side of the screen to access grenades, medical supplies, and other equipment.

To utilize an item, drag it onto the screen and then hit the “Use” button.

Practice and Patience:

Patience and practice are necessary to master 2-finger claw controls. To hone your talents, spend time in training mode and play games.

To steadily improve your gaming, have patience and learn from your mistakes.

With the correct setup and practice, two-finger claw controls in PUBG Mobile can be highly effective. It doesn’t matter how many fingers you have; what matters is how well you comprehend the rules of the game and improve your abilities. You may improve your skills and become a powerful player in PUBG Mobile by adhering to these rules and using your 2-finger claw to rule the battlefield.

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